Explosion At Office Block In Usera “Suspicious” Says Police Department

Yesterday morning, an explosion at an office block in Usera, Yervia Province, destroyed the a building and damaged others nearby. No individuals were injured. However, the Usera Police Department today announced at a press conference that they were treating the incident as ‘suspicious’, rather than an accident. Agents from the Federal Police and Investigation Service (FPIS) were also seen throughout today at the offices of the Usera PD, suggesting that the explosion may be connected to a wider investigation.

Three companies had registered premises in the building: Smile Straight Orthodontists, Yum! Beverages, and Olive Green Solutions. The former two have since stated that their premises in the building were administrative offices and nobody was present at the time of the explosion. The Lauchenoirian Guardian has been unable to contact Olive Green Solutions, and the company has no discernible web presence.

This incident comes at a time of high tension in Usera, where a manhunt for a number of individuals connected with eco-terrorist group Warriors of Our Earth is underway. Several members of WOE are thought to be hiding out in Usera, which has often been called the ‘activist capital of Lauchenoiria’. Large crowds of environmental activists have been attempting to disrupt the hunt throughout the week: blocking roads to prevent the passage of police vans, creating ‘distractions’ with water balloons and paint, and – according to some – warning those being hunted.

The Partido Anarquista de Yervia (PAY), a pro-independence anarchist party in Yervia that contests elections, but does not attend parliament if elected, has called for Userans to “resist the attempt to cut the head off the green snake”, which many have interpreted as a call to oppose the police operation to find the leadership of WOE. The party, whose own leadership left Lauchenoiria for Kvask this week, is known for being a disruptive influence in Usera. Despite the opposition, however, the hunt for WOE continues, with the current arrest count sitting at 284 individuals connected with WOE.

If you have any information about Warriors of Our Earth, their members, or their activities, please contact the Federal Police and Investigation Service of Lauchenoiria as soon as possible.

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