Slokais Islands reacts to the conflict in Roucourt

In a press conference yesterday, President Brooke Weasley called for peace in Roucourt. “The situation in Roucourt is complex, therefore I urge the international community to support the implementation of liberal democracy”. When asked what the response of Slokais would be, the President responded “Slokais must secure democracy and freedom everywhere, therefore naval units are already moving to counter the Xiomeran presence”. Although the President clarified that “This is not an act of war or an official declaration of involvement, but rather a motion to back up our demands”.

This statement is only part of a trend with the 3-term President relaunching the Nuclear and Defense Development Program (NDDP) without legislative authorization, a decision some legal experts consider illegal under the Separation of Powers Act of 1976. Minister of Defense, Miguel Osorio Chang has already challenged the reauthorization by suspending operations at Fort Ciqaw’Vuda, widely believed to be the location of remaining nuclear materials. Minister Chang’s decision is being supported by indigenous activists who have blocked the gate of the Fort.

In contrast to the President, Prime Minister Joseph Chavez (National Alliance-New Liverpool) has called for the end of the conflict and criticized the president’s response as “Risky” and “Indictive of war hawkish behavior that is dangerous to not only those in uniform but Slokasian everywhere”. Education Minister Spartacus Jones (Revolt!-San Fernando) called “for the power of the peace to prevail over all evil’s occurring in Rouguecourt”.

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