Milintica signs Southern Ocean Trade Agreement

Milintica has officially signed into the Southern Ocean Trade Agreement (SOTA). The agreement was originally between Elalia, Teyè, and Wosteaque, with Doatia joining six years later. Milintica is now joining the other four countries socialist countries in the agreement. This agreement will establish greater commerce and collaboration between the five countries. In addition to this agreement, Wosteaque has invested ᵐ80,000,000 into the Milintican industry with a specific focus on basic consumer goods. Several Wosteaquean companies have also agreed to build factories in the Milintican capital of Huānoch, these companies mainly being food-based companies, like Fraîchoisson, Houizon Kola, and Maccle’s Cultiver, however, Metunke, a general electric company is also on the list.

Caroline Leroux, the President of Frésir, has stated that “The Southern Ocean Trade Agreement represents the cooperativeness between socialist nations.” She also extended the offer to join SOTA to any country that meets the criteria.

Many in Milintica celebrate this agreement as a rejuvenation to the economy of Milintica, which in recent decades has been lacking. There are some outcries to this agreement, however, most prominently from the Milintica Isolationist Party. The Milintica Isolationist Party has argued that such an agreement places an over-reliance on foreign trade while neglecting their own industry. The Milintican Peoples’ Party however has praised the deal, partially the short implementation period, which only last thirty days.

The President of Milintica, Matōchmizalo, has stated “This deal with fellow socialist nations Wosteaque, Doatia, Elalia and Teyè will be of tremendous benefit to all four nations. It represents the spirit of friendly relations and trade between like-minded nations, and Milintica is honored to participate.”.

This agreement is undoubtedly going to draw Milintica closer to the socialist tripartite, both economically and politically, with both Wosteaquean and Milintican officials already discussing further agreements between the two countries.

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