“Giant Baby” Internet Prank Craze Causes Chaos Across Lauchenoiria

An online prank craze involving individuals dressing up as “giant babies” is causing chaos in numerous locations across Lauchenoiria as teens and young adults film bizarre videos for internet likes. The trend involves participants dressing in onesies; covering them in jackets; then revealing their costume while they lie down on the ground in a public place and begin to wail loudly while being filmed. Variants also involve drinking milk from baby bottles, sucking on pacifiers, and – most controversially – adult diapers.

Three participants have already been arrested for indecent exposure in various locations after attempting to have someone “change their diaper” in public. A shopping centre in Elopolis was also shocked after their security discovered that a confiscated baby bottle from one prankster contained actual human breast milk. Many people across the country are asking if the pranksters are taking things too far; while others claim that escalation is “the point” and “the only way to get more likes”.

“It’s creepy and disturbing,” said a security guard from Elopolis Shopping Centre. “I know they’re only doing it so strangers on the internet give them fifteen minutes of fame, but that doesn’t change the fact that this is causing distress to shoppers and staff, when a grown adult begins to act like a two-month-old baby. Those who are unaware of the internet trend must be alarmed and shocked when this happens in front of them.”

On the other side, the Lauchenoirian Guardian spoke to CatzOnDaBrain, an online content creator who began his internet career posting edited cat videos, but who has recently become one of the main figures in the Lauchenoirian internet prank scene. “It’s just a bit of fun, we’re not hurting anyone and we’re making people’s days more fun when they see these things. Life is boring, and we aim to add some spice to the monotony of the everyday. Anyway, check out my channel!”

It’s likely the craze will swiftly die down and be replaced by something else soon, but for the time being the “Giant Babies” will continue to cause controversy across the country.

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