Bank of Lauchenoiria Closes Doberman’s Account

The Bank of Lauchenoiria has closed Paul Doberman’s premium bank account, citing “insufficient funds”. The Lauchenoiria First leader has reportedly lost a considerable amount of money in the past several years, meaning he is no longer eligible for the bank’s premium accounts, which have a minimum wealth requirement alongside a minimum monthly income. Doberman has hit out at the bank for the closure, calling it a “conspiracy” against him.

Doberman had previously made a considerable amount of money through offshore dealings prior to becoming the leader of Lauchenoiria First. It is believed that under the communist regime, his family were involved in illegal business operations – though this was not uncommon at that time. However, since 2020, Doberman’s funds have been running low as he continues to self-fund his political party, several media outlets, and mounds of nationalist propaganda.

A spokesperson from the Bank of Lauchenoiria told the Lauchenoirian Guardian: “Our premium bank accounts are reserved for individuals of a certain net worth in order to assist them in managing their assets in an efficient manner. If an individual with one of these accounts loses their eligibility, they will be warned a year in advance before closure. At the point where an individual’s account is closed, they will have been given sufficient advance notice.”

Lauchenoiria First, however, has called the closure a “foreign conspiracy”, blaming “immigrant bankers” for the move. The far-right party has called for their supporters to boycott the bank, which they have accused of being “secretly owned by foreigners”; citing a number of countries as possibly behind the conspiracy, including Libertas Omnium Maximus, Sanctaria, Laeral and Huenya. Doberman has also stated that he intends to challenge the decision in court.

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