Chancellor throws support behind two-state solution, responds to criticism from Huenya

(above) The People’s Chamber

The DIA, Doatian Intelligence Agency, announced a couple weeks ago that they have evidence to corroborate Xiomeran suspicions that Huenya, through FIS (their intelligence service) violated their sovereignty, and influenced domestic tension and civil unrest in the country.

Huenyan Vice-Speaker Tiacihitli not only confirmed the accusations, but took aim at DIA and Doatia, saying in part “The Doatian government continues to blindly support Xiomera in its every violent and oppressive action, despite the clear fascist and autocratic goals of that regime. What kind of so-called republic supports such a state against a fellow democracy?”

Newly elected Chancellor Recardo issued a response:

“Doatia recognizes the right of all people to protest peacefully and will condemn any step by the government of Xiomera to impede their citizens right to do so. The FIS leak should in no way justify unfair or cruel treatment of demonstrators. While we believe infiltration will lead to escalation, we recognize Huenya’s right to defend herself and her sovereignty. Doatia in no manner whatsoever supports violent retaliation by Xiomera against Huenya. Huenya is also a recognized independent nation and ally of Doatia, and any further attempts on their sovereignty will sour the diplomatic relationship between Doatia and Xiomera, and will result in economic sanctions. Doatia is also willing to discuss an agreement with Huenya to prevent further losses of territory.

While Doatia continues to maintain a friendly relationship with Xiomera, it does not recognize their exclusive claim to the contested and recently annexed territory. Recognizing the rising tensions in the region, the presence of ethnic Xiomerans, and Huenya’s claim to the territory, Doatia officially endorses a two-state solution. A joint agreement, formalized via treaty, resulting in a power-sharing agreement related to regional development, governance, and security between the Xiomeran government and the government of Huenya.

Furthermore, Doatia supports a demilitarized zone(s) buffering the two government’s territories to be dedicated and overseen by LIDUN or a mediator (other nation) both governments can agree to.

Lastly, the Government Oversight Committee will investigate DIA, including Director Fitzgerald, for a suspected violation of policy and protocol, in the leaking of their findings relating to FIS and the purposeful escalation of tensions between Xiomera and Huenya. It is believed that Fitzgerald and possibly others have been operating with an agenda motivated by bias against Huenya, and in favor of Xiomera. While an investigation is still pending, reporting indicates that a bias in favor of Xiomera was encouraged by staff members of the Monarchy. A particularly daunting finding suggests Princess Ayana suggested “professional and monetary rewards” to those who aid in the destabilization of Huenya. This is yet another example of overreach by the Monarchy, which has resulted in embarrassment and shame for Doatia on the international stage. Change is no longer an option, but a mandate.”

This comes after DAF Commander Organa cast a doubt and accused Fitzgerald of violating his oath in pursuit of absolute loyalty to the Monarchy, specifically Princess Ayana.

In response to questions from reporters, the Chancellor said: “While the Director’s behavior has been concerning, it is my understanding that this was an independent investigation, dependent on assets already in the region, and based on facts and evidence, including direct evidence of hacker engagement, found on the ground. I have suspended Director Fitzgerald pending a thorough Chamber investigation, and will ensure that, if he indeed violated his oath, he will be held accountable. Should myself or Deputy DIA Director Carlos Remini find evidence to dispute these claims, we will share that information as well.

The contested territory is a breeding ground for future conflict and a sustainable and peaceful resolution must be reached sooner, rather than later. Tensions between Xiomera and Huenya continue to rise, before and after reports from DIA of potential intervention in Xiomera’s domestic affairs. The territory currently annexed by Xiomera can be a path towards peace and mutual understanding between the two nations, and I believe that is through a two-state solution.”

Doatian Journal Foreign Correspondent Quill Seraphino

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