Moon So-ra Nominated to Supreme Court

Sanctus – Moon So-ra, Established Professor of Constitutional Law at the National University of Sanctaria, Cristi, was announced today as the government’s nominee to fill the final vacant seat on the Supreme Court. If confirmed, Moon would be the first Supreme Court jurist since the foundation of the state to have only academic experience with no trial or court exposure.

Widely lauded as an intellectual heavyweight, Moon’s nomination may be an indication that the Ringrose governments wants the Supreme Court to consider more theoretical applications of the law, rather than its traditional narrow rulings pertaining to the cases at hand. It’s also an indication that the court system reforms since federalisation puts the Supreme Court’s focus more on constitutional matters rather than being the court of last resort for criminal or civil cases, which is now is only in very rare instances.

Moon is the second second-generation immigrant to be nominated to the Supreme Court, following the late Aryan Patel in in 1998. Moon’s parents came to Sanctaria from Haesan in 1963 at the height of the Great War; Moon, who was born in 1966, has always praised her Haesan heritage and values as an important window into how she views the world.

Secretary for Justice & Equality Xander Morgan, announcing Moon’s nomination, said her academic background, as well as her social background, would provide important perspectives into Supreme Court deliberations. If confirmed, it would also cement the female majority on the Supreme Court, which was a significant pledge of the Democratic Left Party in the general election last year.

Colleagues and former students of Moon say she is “without doubt” left-leaning personally, but have said that she has always been objective in dealing with students and cases in her studies and lectures. Her published papers and opinions suggest someone incredibly analytical and detail-orientated, who considers all outcomes before trying to determine which is most equitable. Senators will have to rely on her published work when considering her suitability for the bench as she has no trial or court experience on which to judge.

LOUISA SOUTER, Crime & Justice Correspondent

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