Supreme Court issues restraining order; mandates Chamber to amend Security bill

In a short brief, the Doatian Supreme court, by 9/2 vote, has issued a restraining order on the Chancellor’s security bill, effectively halting the law’s execution.

The decision comes after the court agreed to take up the case after several PS and some EJP members petitioned the court to do so. The court has declared several sections of the law unconstitutional, the specifics not yet released. The court further mandated the Chamber amend the bill, citing it as “wholly unconstitutional and a drastic overreach of executive authority” in its current form.

The specific sections of the bill the court found unconstitutional has not yet been released, but its speculated to be the same portions that triggered controversy during its initial passage; the restriction of due process, rights to representation, and other constitutional rights and liberties, the stripping of citizenship, and the diversion from establish court processes.

The Supreme Court is dominated by moderates (Chief Justice Kegan, Justices Lopez, Feln, Johnson, Kulkan, and Elega) approved by the Loaz (2) and Bernandino (4) administrations all supporting the decision but Justice Feln who dissented, 4 liberals (Justices Ginsburg, Horana, Quebern, and Oombley) approved by the Bernandino (2) and Recardo (2) administrations all supporting the decision, and 1 conservative (Justice Rudd) approved by the Loaz administration dissenting.

Agreement: Dissent:

Kegan – 1998, Bernadino Feln – 2022, Loaz

Lopez – 2022, Loaz Rudd – 2023, Loaz

Johnson – 2004, Bernadino

Kulkan – 1996, Bernadino

Elega – 2008, Bernadino

Ginsburg – 2010, Bernadino

Horana – 2015, Bernadino

Quebern – 2023, Recardo

Oombley – 2023, Recardo

Justice Kulkan also announced this morning her intent to step down at the end of the court’s current term in May 2024. Furthermore, members of the PS, EJP, and PLP parties have reportedly been considering opening an investigation into Justice Rudd for ethics violations, and consider a potential impeachment and removal.

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