Huenya declares national holidays

The Huenyan government has set the nation’s first two official national holidays, after a unanimous vote for approval in both houses of the legislature.

The last day of August of each year will be designated as Martyrs’ Day, a day of rememberance for those who fell in the fight for Huenyan independence. It will also be a day of rememberance for anyone who gave their lives in the service of the Federation after the civil war. The date was chosen because it will also honor Cozamalotl, the longtime democracy activist who was executed on August 31st, 2021 by the Xiomeran government.

“We will commemorate Martyrs’ Day in 2022, and honor Cozamalotl and everyone else who has given their lives for freedom. We will not allow their sacrifices to be in vain; their memories shall inspire Huenyans to continue to work towards the protection of the Huenyan state and towards reunification of the subcontinent under a banner of freedom,” Vice-Speaker Tiacihitli told DTNS.

January 26th has been chosen as the nation’s Independence Day. This is the date on which the Jinyu Agreement was signed, and is the date most Huenyans regard as the one which formalized the country’s sovereignty.

Huenyan, Xiomeran warships exchange fire

A Huenyan warship attempting to rescue refugees from Xiomera sank a Western Xiomeran ship, and briefly exchanged fire with a Xiomeran warship, in the Gulf of Epeloc today.

According to Huenyan officials, the incident began when the Huenyan frigate Tlalpotoa was engaged in a rescue operation. A ship carrying refugees had been denied entry into waters controlled by Western Xiomera, and was in danger of sinking. The Tlalpotoa crossed into Western Xiomeran waters to rescue the refugees, and was then fired on by the Intezoc, a Western Xiomeran coast guard ship. The Huenyan ship returned fire and sank the Intezoc, but was then approached by the Altecuh, a Xiomeran cruiser. The Xiomeran and Huenyan ships briefly exchanged fire before a cease-fire was negotiated by Xiomeran and Huenyan defense officials on a de-escalation hotline between the two countries.

The Huenyan vessel was able to rescue the refugees, while the Xiomeran warship was able to rescue the crew from the Western Xiomeran vessel. No fatalities were reported by either side, but the incident has generated concern within governments who are signatories to the Jinyu Agreement about the long-term viability of peace between the two states on the Huenyan subcontinent.

Minister Alice Lancaster visits Wosteaque

Eirian Minister of Diplomacy Alice Lancaster began an official diplomatic visit to the nation of Wosteaque today. Her trip began in the city of Lakceda, the largest city in Percater Distrikto, a region in Wosteaque with a large majority population of ethic Eirians. She toured a number of museums, monuments, and culturally significant places around the city, accompanied by city and regional officials, as well as Sylvia Niedra, a prominent politician in the region looking to become President of Wosteaque’s First Republic in the 2025 Election. 

In a brief press statement, Minister Lancaster outlined a few main points for her visit. “The history and culture that Eiria and Wosteaque share has been long overlooked. It is time that we right these wrongs and acknowledge our shared past, in order to go into the future together. Wosteaque’s public officials have been more than gracious hosts, and I hope this trip can bring our nations closer in peaceful cooperation.” Minister Lancaster was also quick to specify that the invitation of Sylvia Niedra on the tour was not a political endorsement of her as a candidate or of Wosteaque’s Social Democrats. “Madam Niedra was invited along as a symbolic gesture to meet with influential people around Percater Distrikto. Neither I nor the Stendē administration endorse any candidate in the 2025 First Republic Election.”

Minister Lancaster will also visit Kōtblus, the first city in Wosteaque founded by Eirian emigrants, before heading to Wostmage, Wosteaque’s capital. At her last destination, she will meet with Caroline Leroux, current President of the First Republic, for formal diplomatic discussions, accompanied by Julie Taylor, Eiria’s ambassador to Wosteaque. Before flying back to Geminus, Lancaster will also briefly visit the Eirian embassy in Wostmage.

Source: Eirian government

Elalian Navy Submarine Goes Missing

It was supposed to be a regular departure for the submarine known as UV-23 “Dóry me peléki”, which was 40 meters long and 15 meters long with a crew of 25. The submarine would leave its home port of Lavena, Elalia for scheduled patrols in the Olympic Ocean, however it would never return from its patrol as the Elalian Navy lost contact with the submarine four and a half hours after it passed the southern peninsula of Ipune. The submarine’s last request was permission to change the patrol route by 15° degrees to the east; this request was denied, and contact with the submarine was lost after that. The Elalian President Anthimos Stavrakos has stated that “It is unlikely any of the crew will make it.”. The current searches for the submarine will last until the end of the month.

Source: Elalian government 

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