Counter-coup rocks Netlcoātl Islands

A counter-coup begun today in the Netlcoātl Islands has shaken the islands’ capital and is posing a challenge to the Huenyan government, which was set to assume control over the islands.

A group of right-wing Xiomeran nationalists has seized the islands’ parliament building and presidential palace, and has taken several hostages. The group has also seized the islands’ main airport in the capital, Citlamina.

The group, which claims affiliation with the state of Western Xiomera, has issued an urgent plea to the Xiomeran Empress, Calhualyana. The plea calls upon her and Xiomera to take control of the islands before Huenyan forces can do so. Fighting has reportedly been occurring throughout the day in downtown Citlamina between the Xiomeran nationalist group and the islands’ security forces. The interim government of the islands has itself called upon outside help, sending an urgent request to Chuaztlapoc for promised Huenyan forces to be deployed. “We do not have the ability to secure the situation on our own. Huenya’s aid is desperately needed. We do not want to fall under Xiomeran domination again,” Dacey, the interim President of the Netlcoātl Islands, told DTNS.

Xiomera has not yet publicly responded to the call from the counter-coup forces to claim control, but Huenyan defense officials claim that Xiomeran naval forces have begun moving towards the islands. The naval forces could possibly carry an amphibious assault group, the defense officials claimed. Xiomeran officials would not comment to DTNS about the allegations of naval movement.

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