Xiomeran ruler gives birth to twins

Xiomeran officials announced today that the country’s ruler, Empress Calhualyana, has given birth to twins.

The birth occurred in the early hours of November 12th at the Imperial Military Hospital in Tlālacuetztla. The Imperial Steward, Xiuhcatli, told the media that the Empress has given birth to twins, a boy and a girl. The boy has been named Uetzcayotl, which means “essence of light” in Huenyan. The girl has been given the name of Metzlixochitl, which means “moon flower”.

“These names were chosen after consultation with the High Priest and the Teotzin, and are meant to reflect the duality of life. The light of the day, and the evening, both illuminate the landscape in their own ways. It is the hope of the Empress and the Teotzin that her children will grace Xiomera with their own light and illumination,” the Imperial Steward said.

The Empress and the newborns are expected to make their first public appearance in the next few days, once they have had a chance to rest from the birth. A week of festivals throughout the Empire is planned to celebrate the royal birth.

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