DTNS, Huenya to launch media service

The Democratic Times News Service and the government of Huenya have announced a joint initiative to begin broadcasting into Xiomera in defiance of that nation’s recent seizure of its media outlets.

The service has been dubbed “Voice of Cozamalotl” in honor of the Xiomeran democracy activist that the Imperial regime executed earlier this year. It will construct a broadcasting antenna which is tentatively planned to be the largest in the IDU, with the purpose of overcoming Xiomeran media censorship.

“As much as totalitarian regimes try to silence the voices of those who seek freedom, they can never do so. The Voice of Cozamalotl service will provide the truth to the Xiomeran people about the tyrannical regime of Empress Calhualyana and the XCP,” Katelyn Thomas, the editor-in-chief of DTNS, said in a brief press conference in Chuaztlapoc. At the same press conference, Vice-Speaker Tiacihitli of Huenya said that his administration’s collaboration with DTNS “is part of the Huenyan Federation’s ongoing mission of promoting democracy and freedom both at home and abroad.” The Vice-Speaker added that the service will also broadcast into the separatist state of Western Xiomera. Both television and radio broadcasts will be produced, in Huenyan and English, with a possible internet component later.

When asked about the announcement, the Xiomeran Ministry of Information pledged to “do everything necessary” to block the broadcasts. The Ministry also revoked the right of DTNS to operate in Xiomera, after DTNS refused to comply with its new requirement of content control.

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