New fighting in eastern Huenya threatens ceasefire

Forces from the separatist state of Western Xiomera have reportedly begun attacking Huenyan defensive lines at its northern border, threatening a fragile ceasefire established just months ago.

Huenyan intelligence officials claim that the separatist forces have launched a new offensive to try to push further north, with a goal of driving a wedge between Huenyan territory and the Canal Zone established by the Jinyu Agreement. If such a wedge were established, the Canal Zone would be surrounded by territory controlled either by Xiomera, or its separatist state proxy. The territory on the western shore of the Gulf of Epeloc would also be severed from Huenyan control, depriving the Huenyan state of its entire eastern coastline.

In Chuaztlapoc, Vice-Speaker Tiacihitli called for negotiations to re-establish the ceasefire. The Vice-Speaker also warned that if the separatist forces continue their offensive, Huenya would be forced to resume their own offensive operations against the separatist state. “We cannot allow the proxy state controlled by Calhualyana’s regime to take control over all of our eastern coast. This would cause significant harm to our economy, as well as represent a further violation of our territory. In addition, we cannot allow the separatists to endanger the Canal Zone,” the Vice-Speaker warned. As this speech was being given, the Huenyan monarch, Great Speaker Texōccoatl, was reportedly travelling to the city of Ixtlán to rally Huenyan forces for a possible counter-offensive.

Neither the separatist government of Western Xiomera nor the Xiomeran government would speak with DTNS regarding the reported clashes in eastern Huenya. DTNS is banned from operating in both states after recent measures by the Xiomeran regime to clamp down on the media. DTNS reporters in Huenya, however, have confirmed that a major offensive appears to have been launched by the separatists. It is not clear if Xiomeran forces are supporting the separatists, but reporting from the region so far indicates that Huenyan forces are barely holding the line so far against the unexpected offensive.

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