Xiomera threatens retaliation against WOE

Xiomeran Prime Minister Toquihu denouncing the defections

The Xiomeran government has responded to the recent bombing of one of its airfields by threatening unspecified retaliation against the environmentalist group that claimed responsibility.

Cuauteote Air Force Base, in southern Xiomera, was the target of a drone attack by the group Warriors of Our Earth (WOE). The well-known Lauchenoiria-based environmentalist group said that the attack was meant as a warning to Xiomera not to invade Manabi Rive. The attack, conducted with crude improvised explosives attached to the drone, still succeeded in destroying three Toco strategic bombers.

Prime Minister Toquihu warned that Xiomera would “respond with all necessary means to combat terrorism”. He further issued a demand that the government of Lauchenoiria “do whatever they have to do” to “end the menace of WOE” or that “Xiomera will do it for them.” The Prime Minister refused to clarify what he meant by that statement. However, Xiomera has previously intervened against claimed terror groups overseas, such as in 2020 in Vulkaria.

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