Xiomera moves to annex separatist state

Xoacuitoa and other Western Xiomeran officials at the announcement

The Xiomeran government is moving to annex a separatist state in southeastern Huenya, after the leader of that state invited the move.

Xoacuitoa, the self-declared President of Western Xiomera, announced his invitation on the territory’s state television channel yesterday evening. “We are Xiomerans. Our hearts, our souls and our lands belong with our kin and our homeland,” he said. The statement encouraged the Xiomeran government to accept his offer to annex the territory “with all possible haste” to prevent the Huenyan government from reclaiming the territory. “We have no desire to be forced back into the so-called Huenyan Federation, and to protect us, it is our plea that the Empire accept us before the schemers in Chuaztlapoc can take our freedom from us.”

An hour after the offer was made, the Imperial Parliament voted unanimously to accept the offer and “begin the process of re-integration”. According to the passed legislation, the area currently known as “Western Xiomera” would become Xiomera’s thirteenth home province by May 1st of this year. Xiomera currently consists of twelve home provinces and several colonies throughout the Caxcana area. The legislation also lists five other areas within Huenya that have majority Xiomeran populations which the Empire “reserves the right to reclaim if needed in the future” as “areas where Xiomerans need to be protected”.

In response to the measure, the Huenyan government called an emergency session of both houses of its legislature. Vice-Speaker Tiacihitli has called for a non-violent response so far, but is facing strong opposition from Huenyan conservatives and even some members of his own Unification Party.

If this plan proceeds, it would be the biggest violation yet by Xiomera of the Jinyu Agreement. It would also overturn the results of an election held soon after the end of the Xiomeran civil war, in which Xiomera agreed to renounce its claims to Huenyan territory.

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