Left Alliance Leader Urges Alvarez To Address Roucourt War

Left Alliance leader Damian Andrés urged Alvarez to release a statement regarding the outbreak of civil war in Roucourt calling for peace and mediation. He called on the Lauchenoirian government to condemn the actions of both Xiomera and the People’s and Nations Defense Squadron (PNDS); for their intervention and their unilateral separation from Roucourt respectively. Andrés also urged the government to seek a discussion within the LIDUN Security Council over the matter.

The situation in Roucourt has escalated rapidly into a civil war following a declaration from the PNDS that the territory under their control is now an independent state, prompting intervention from Xiomera on the side of the government of Svetlana Leclerc. Prior to the conflict, the PNDS had been a branch of the Roucourtian military, alongside several others in the country’s large and complicated military which are now on separate sides of the civil conflict.

In his speech to the Federal Parliament, Andrés said: “this is just the latest outbreak of the plague of civil wars that we appear to have inadvertently unleashed on the world. Lauchenoiria, our own in 2018; followed by Xiomera, Vulkaria, Mallacaland, Auria, and now Roucourt? Each and every time we have heard leaders from across the world say that this must stop, and yet their frequency continues to increase. I ask the Prime Minister to please do everything within her power to halt this seeming trend.”

Left Alliance has seen a resurgence in support since Lauchenoiria’s own civil war, after placing themselves as the go-to party for those who opposed the Chaher regime, but do not support capitalism. Due to the heavy associations between the Communist Party and the Chaher government, the Communists have fallen out of favour as even far-left Lauchenoirians hurry to distance themselves from his coup. After a continual decline since 1993, the party has grown to become the fourth-largest in the Federal Parliament, overtaking the Communists as the main left-wing party. Left Alliance has picked up the baton, and is very keen to shore up their anti-war credentials.

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