Phantom Panther Caught in Zlento

What seemed like an urban legend turned into reality as a Wosteaquean leopard was caught in the downtown borough of Enkventer, about three kilometers from Pentagon Park, the largest park in Zlento.

This capture comes after about approximately one century of sightings of the Phantom Panther, starting with the original sighting in 1927. The Phantom Panther was originally thought to be a Wosteaquean cheetah that was inflicted with Melanism, as it is not uncommon for Wosteaquean cheetahs to inhabit Pentagon Park.

In 1978 several photographs were taken by natural photographer Thomas Nurmuhamad of the supposed Phantom Panther and were subsequently turned in to both the National Biology Institute of Wosteaque and the University of Zlento, where Biologist of both organizations concluded that, based on the photos, the Phantom Panther could not be a Wosteaquean cheetah due to the bulkier built of the Phantom Panther.

In 2020 cave tour guides found what appeared as a den for a large carnivorous mammal in one of the upper ledges of the Grand Room in the Grotte du Grand cave. DNA was taken from hair and claw chippings and were found to be a match to the Wosteaquean leopard.

As of right now, it is theorized that there is a small colony, about ten to twenty, of Wosteaquean leopards in the Grotte du Grand cave, prompting more study of the cave and Pentagon Park as a whole. As for the fate of the Phantom Panther, it is being transported back to Mariso where it will be released back into the wild.

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