Eikangard Demands Extradition of Government in Exile, Royal Family

Ykangad, Eikangard – After the quick and stunning reclamation of sovereign territory, the Nation’s Great Marshal has demanded the extradition of traitorous elements from Whetosonghnee. Since the Revolution of 1974, the Whetosongheans have allowed the former Royal Family and Government to take up residence as the supposedly “rightful” government of Eikangard. However, proud Eikans know the truth. That this so-called “government-in-exile” served only to sell out and suppress the true will of Eikangard.

To this end, the Marshal has finally demanded their extradition to Eikangard to stand trial. For their crimes of treason, they shall be justly punished by the proud Eikan High Court. There is, of course, the possibility of the Whetosonghneans refusing to extradite them back to Eikangard. However, Eikans should not despair as to this possibility. For as the reclamation of DMZ territory showed, they are powerless to stop the will of the Eikan People.

We are a strong people. A proud people. We will not be denied our future. Time will prove this to be true. The Whetosonghneans are a weakened people. A far cry from the great enemy we faced five decades ago. We have reclaimed our rightful lands. Now we shall secure our future by removing those who would see us laid low once again.

Glory to the Great Marshal! Glory to Eikangard!

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