Huenya denounces DIA after FIS leak

Vice-Speaker Tiacihitli of the Huenyan Federation

Xiomera threatens retaliatory action

The government of the Huenyan Federation issued a blistering statement to the media denouncing the government of Doatia for releasing information implicating the Huenyan intelligence service for actions against Xiomera.

The Doatian intelligence service, the DIA, announced today that they have discovered evidence that the Huenyan intelligence service, the FIS, was conducting operations to infiltrate Xiomera and influence protests taking place over forcible relocations in that country. The protests, against Xiomera’s controversial “New Cities Project,” have been ongoing for weeks despite the Xiomeran government’s best efforts to stop them.

Huenyan Vice-Speaker Tiacihitli made no effort to deny FIS involvement in his remarks. He instead chose to confirm Huenyan involvement, and instead defend Huenya’s actions. “Huenya has been the target of systematic efforts by Xiomera to encourage ethnic genocide and terrorist violence ever since our independence, before the ink was even dry on the Jinyu Agreement. Xiomera has caused violent separatism in our country, with the goal to disrupt and collapse the Huenyan state. Xiomera has violated that agreement time and again. Xiomera has illegally seized a very large portion of eastern Huenya, and continues to threaten to seize more. Xiomera is spurring violence abroad in Roucourt and Auria, as well. Huenya has the right to use every single means at our disposal to defend ourselves against this ongoing menace from a regime that wants nothing more than to end the Huenyan state and end our independence,” the Vice-Speaker told the media today. The Vice-Speaker also pointedly refused to disavow intelligence operations against Xiomera in the future. “We have a right to protect ourselves, and a responsibility to help those in Xiomera who are still resisting the fascist regime of Calhualyana and the XCP.”

The Vice-Speaker also took Doatia to task for revealing the Huenyan operations, and for its continued support of Xiomera. “The Doatian government continues to blindly support Xiomera in its every violent and oppressive action, despite the clear fascist and autocratic goals of that regime. What kind of so-called republic supports such a state against a fellow democracy?” The Vice-Speaker noted that Doatia’s DIA director seemed to call for a violent response from Xiomera to the revelations. “Their intelligence director said Xiomera’s sovereignty was violated. What of our sovereignty, which Xiomera has repeatedly violated? Their intelligence director said that Xiomera had the right to a ‘notable, swift and stern response’. What more can Xiomera do to Huenya than it is already doing to us short of a full scale invasion? Again, this makes us question the Doatian government’s actual commitment to the principles of democracy and freedom that it is so constantly touting.” The Vice-Speaker went on to add that the FIS will change its threat assessment of Doatia from “friendly” to “hostile” as a result of the DIA revelations. This will severely limit both political and security cooperation between Huenya and Doatia, placing relations between the two countries on a par with the Huenyan-Xiomeran relationship.

For its part, Xiomera has threatened “a severe and painful response” to the Huenyan actions. “The Xiomeran Empire will not tolerate the continued actions of Huenya and its allies to destroy our state and our society,” Empress Calhualyana told Xiomeran state media. “We will break Huenya’s back once and for all.”

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