Kerlian Councillor’s Daughter Deported, Stendē Comments on Backlash

Yesterday evening, the Ministry of Diplomacy announced that Gabrielle Pierre, daughter of Kerlian Councillor Pauline Pierre and a former Kerlian soldier, was deported back to Kerlile after spending a couple nights in an Eirian jail. Pierre had been attempting to visit the home of Carmen Robinson, a Kerlian expat who was not at home at the time, in order to speak with her biological sister, Camille Pierre.

When informed that Gabrielle was in her home, Carmen Robinson requested that she be removed from the house at once. In accordance with her wishes, EICA agents entered the residence and apprehended Gabrielle when she did not comply with requests to exit. She was brought to a local police station, where she was booked on a minor trespassing charge. Due to this charge, Pierre’s visitor’s visa was revoked, and she has since been deported back to Kerlile. She will not be able to reenter Eiria for a period of six months.

As word of this incident spread, the Kerlian News Service published an article that provoked outrage from Kerlile and Xiomera. Eiria was downgraded on the Kerlian Women’s Safety Index, and Xiomera issued a full travel ban for any of its citizens heading to Eiria. In addition, the Kerlian News Service expressed concern that the Eirian government was beginning to oppress Kerlian citizens.

This claim has prompted outrage from many activists and politicians, including Pauline Lennox, President of the Association of Free Kerlians (AFK, or AKL in Eirian). “Eiria has been a safe haven for myself and so many others who fled the regime in Kerlile. Far from discriminating against Kerlians, we have been welcomed. This is just the latest propaganda from the Council that twists reality to suit their own ends,” Lennox said in an interview with The Geminus Journal.

Chancellor Stendē issued a statement about the situation after a press briefing this morning. “Any allegations that this Republic is deliberately targeting Kerlians are just absurd lies spread by people who hate everything this republic stands for. I invite our opponents to have the courage to tell the truth instead of hiding behind their propaganda. Rest assured, Eiria remains unafraid of these cowards and their falsehoods.

“We will continue to monitor this situation closely.

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