Zongongian Election: Establishment Parties Form “Grand Coalition”; Citing Threat From Radicals

In a shock announcement, the three major establishment parties in Zongongia – Social Labour, Economic Focus and the Centre Liberals – are set to form a “grand coalition” following Thursday’s election resulting in a hung parliament. The three major parties will form a “continuity” coalition with the aim of keeping alleged “extreme” parties out of government. The Centre Liberals, who came in seventh in this election, were beaten by republicans, communists and gynarchists – all of whom are seemingly being classed as extremists.

This is the first time in modern history that such a grand coalition has formed; due to their extreme rarity in peacetime. Zongongia has not been involved in a war since the 19th century. It is believed that Social Labour leader Samuel Eliassen is set to become Prime Minister; with the current incumbent PM Ivan Kristensen set to take the role of Deputy Prime Minister. The Centre Liberals’ leader is likely to also take a prominent cabinet position; potentially in finance or foreign affairs.

The decision has been met with outrage by several of the newer parties being called “extreme”. The leader of Republic Now!, Helga Wuopio, has called this “a betrayal of the electorate”, claiming that voters made it abundantly clear that the establishment was being rejected, and that this is an attempt at “clinging onto power with dear life” instead of “having the best interests of the people in mind”. Wuopio has also lashed out at the monarchy, implying that they may have had a hand in encouraging this move.

The Communist Party is threatening to boycott important parliamentary votes in response to this decision; while Women Rising have allegedly asked the Kerlian ambassador to intervene in some way – though these reports have not been verified. Also angry with the announcement are the two far-right parties; Our Zongongia and Grow Together – neither of whom managed to win a single seat at this year’s election. The two parties are said to be debating merging again (Grow Together began as a split from Our Zongongia) in order to fight the “greedy establishment”.

Parliament is expected to meet tomorrow to formally nominate Eliassen as the new Prime Minister, after which he will meet with the King to officially take the role.

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