Former Necatli leader attacked in prison

Former Necatli leader Huacue, shortly after Huenyan independence

Incident stirs fears of communal violence in Huenya

The former leader of the Necatli people of Huenya was attacked in a federal prison, sparking anger among his people and leading to fears of possible communal violence in Huenya as a result of the incident.

Huenyan Bureau of Prisons officials acknowledged that Huacue, the former Necatli leader, was attacked while he slept in his cell. The former leader lost a finger in the attack. Huenyan officials would not provide any other details about the attack, other than to state that there is an active investigation by both the Federal Police and the Federal Intelligence Service. No suspects have been caught or named by the authorities. Huacue was being held in the Itlacan Federal Prison for war crimes related to the Second Xiomeran Civil War. He has since been moved to an undisclosed location for his safety.

The attack on Huacue, who is still admired by many Necatli, has stirred fears that communal violence between Necatli and ethnic Xiomerans could result. The current Necatli leader, Huacue’s son Macochu, has urged his people not to retaliate or otherwise act in a negative fashion. “We do not even know who attacked my father. It is entirely possible that it was not ethnic Xiomerans at all. I urge everyone to allow the FIS and the Federal Police to complete their investigation before jumping to conclusions,” Macochu told the media.

President Xiadani, who is also ethnic Necatli, made a similar plea. “The authorities will investigate thoroughly and find out who is responsible for this incident. Everyone must remain calm and let them do their jobs,” the President said.

With little information about the incident being released by Huenyan authorities, however, rumors are spreading among the Necatli people that ethnic Xiomerans affiliated with the Golden Blade terrorist group or some other faction were responsible. Huacue is reviled among ethnic Xiomerans in Huenya for his war crime, which consisted of executing an unarmed Xiomeran commander who had surrendered. His prominent role in the removal of Huenya’s first monarch, Yauhmi, from power also caused much resentment among the ethnic Xiomeran community.

A Necatli group calling itself Tlamiquiliztli Cihuatlampa (Defense of the West) staged an angry protest in the Necatli capital Acalan after the attack on Huacue became public, calling for Necatli to “defend themselves” against attacks from “other people”. They also issued a call for “warriors to fight against the Xiomeran seizure of Necatli land in Tihanang, since the Huenyan government will not.” The protest was broken up by Necatli authorities. The three organizers of the protest have been charged with anti-social behavior and civil disorder.

Huenyan authorities have accused the Xiomeran Empire of trying to cause further upheaval in Huenya by capitalizing on ethnic divides in the country, such as that between the Necatli and the Xiomerans. “Imperial propaganda operations, via social media in particular, are inflaming ethnic tensions and pose a serious risk to Huenyan stability,” FIS director Cuetlancaona recently warned in an appearance before the Subcommittee on National Security of the Chamber of Deputies. The Huenyan government is expected to launch a massive program of its own on social media to block and counter such propaganda.

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