The government of the Huenyan Federation has officially condemned the coup in Auria, and has called on the international community to impose sanctions on that country “until the legitimate government under Queen Sophie is restored.”

Speaking at his routinely scheduled beginning-of-week press conference, Vice-Speaker Tiacihitli called the coup “yet another recent example of rogue elements in a nation seizing by force the political power they cannot gain legitimately through democracy and the rule of law.” The Vice-Speaker warned that the international community cannot allow this practice to become normalized, and called on other nations to impose economic and travel sanctions on Auria. He also called on other nations to freeze the assets of “any and all Aurian leaders and terrorists involved in this heinous seizure of power.” When asked if calling the coup an act of terrorism was mislabeling or too strong a term, the Vice-Speaker responded bluntly. “These people beat and murdered Prime Minister Lapointe and his wife in their own home, in cold blood, on camera. They were not only unashamed of their act of wanton terror, they were proud of it. What would you have me call them, then, if not terrorists?”

Effective today, Huenya will impose targeted sanctions on Auria, excluding only essentials such as food and medical supplies. Huenya will also impose a travel ban on Auria until the situation is resolved “correctly,” the Vice-Speaker said. When asked if this is a wise economic decision for Huenya, which is still rebuilding its own economy after the Xiomeran civil war, the Vice-Speaker was again blunt. “We have said all along that we only intend to trade with nations of conscience, no matter what the consequences. The principles of the Huenyan Federation, and what we stand for, are not for sale.”

While polls indicate that most Huenyans surveyed agree with the decision to impose sanctions, the matter has become an issue in the ongoing Huenyan election campaigns. Several of Tiacihitli’s opponents have been critical of the decision, saying that Huenya should remain neutral in world affairs. The decision has also been criticized by some high-ranking Huenyan leaders such as Huacue, leader of the Necatli and member of the Chamber of Executives.

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