Huenya, Laeral sign major agreement

Grundhavish cargo ship being loaded with aid for Auria

The governments of Huenya and Laeral have signed a major agreement to accelerate the rebuilding of the former Xiomeran territory, officials from both states announced today.

The program, dubbed the Laeral-Huenya Economic Corridor, is being described by both countries as a public-private venture, facilitated by the Laeralian government, to help Huenya recover from the aftermath of its fight for independence from the Xiomeran Empire. The program has a focus on rebuilding Huenyan transportation, communications, energy and manufacturing infrastructure. “Prior to the civil war, Huenya had a highly developed infrastructure, but it was damaged both by fighting and by deliberate sabotage of withdrawing Imperial forces,” Vice-Speaker Tiacihitli told DTNS. “This agreement with Laeral will help us rebuild and improve that infrastructure, and get Huenya working again. It is an agreement that holds tremendous promise for both parties. We are very pleased to be working with Laeral, which has been a good friend to Huenya even before our independence, and we hope this is just the beginning of closer cooperation and friendship between our countries and peoples.”

Laeralian officials were just as optimistic about the agreement and what it could lead to for both countries. Speaking to La Sentinelle, President Liu Mei-Han said, “The Laeral-Huenya Economic Corridor is a showcase of our commitment to win-win international cooperation that leaves both parties more prosperous and sustainable. It’s my hope that this partnership between Laeral and Huenya will form a blueprint for international development in the future.”

The first major project for the new program will be the rebuilding of damaged infrastructure at the ports of Acalan, Oacalco and Ixtenco. “Getting the ports back to 100% functionality is a major need, both to ensure critical supplies and aid can get to Huenya, and also so we can begin exporting products once our industrial sector is back on its feet,” Talcueitlaco, the Huenyan infrastructure secretary, told DTNS. Rebuilding and expansion of secondary ports at Tacuitapa and Ahuacatl├ín will also take place as part of that project. Huenyan officials indicated that fully restoring the electrical, cellular and Internet grids, as well as transportation infrastructure, will be priority projects. Future phases include restoring Huenyan industrial facilities, and the construction of a new government center at Chuaztlapoc to house the Huenyan government in time for a new government to be seated in January 2022.

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