Series of terrorist attacks strike Huenya

A series of terrorist attacks struck in multiple locations around Huenya today, raising growing concern about the security situation in that emerging nation.

The first attack occurred around 2:00 am Huenyan time outside a nightclub in the city of Oacalco. The nightclub is known to be popular with sailors in the Huenyan navy, and is located near a major naval base in the city. Oacalco municipal police reported that a heavily armed man opened fire upon people outside the nightclub, before forcing his way inside and continuing to fire. Seventeen people are reported to have died, with another twenty-six being rushed to area hospitals. Oacalco municipal police shot and killed the gunman when he fired at responding officers.

The second attack occurred at 8:45 am Huenyan time, when a truck bomb exploded outside a construction project in the Huenyan capital of Chuaztlapoc. Three people died in that attack, with another fifteen suffering injuries. The incident occurred at the construction site of the new Huenyan capital complex being built in the outskirts of western Chuaztlapoc, near Xochuaxte Palace. Huenyan federal police believe that the driver of the truck also died in the explosion.

The third attack occurred around noon Huenyan time, in the city of Ixtenco. A van abruptly pulled off of the road on Epexos Avenue, a major route through downtown Ixtenco. The van drove through a crowd of pedestrians on the sidewalk outside a government office building, injuring twelve people and killing two. The driver of the van attempted to escape, but was caught by others in the crowd. Ixtenco municipal police reportedly had to intervene to keep the crowd from attacking the driver, and report that they have him in custody.

The last attack occurred in the city of Tacuitapa during the evening rush hour. A lone gunman opened fire on a Huenyan army convoy on Angoxtoc Street, near the municipal palace. One soldier was shot and killed; three others were wounded. The gunman was also killed in an exchange of gunfire with the soldiers.

Immediately after the last attack, a video emerged online in which the Golden Blade terrorist group claimed responsibility for the violence. The group said that they were “declaring war” on the Huenyan government “and any of its lackeys”. The video went on to cite the recent incident in the Nereus Sea between a Huenyan warship and a Xiomeran merchant convoy as the reason. “The nation-thieves of the illegitimate and usurping Huenyan regime weren’t satisfied with seceding from our homeland. Now they attack Xiomeran civilians. As fellow Xiomerans, we will not stand for this any longer. The Xiomerans in Huenya will rise up against this tyrannical regime that attacks and betrays us,” a leader who only identified himself as “Commander Mictlāntēcutli” said in the video. “The Xiomeran lackeys who betray their own kin in support of this regime that attacks other Xiomerans will fare worst of all. Be warned, we are coming for you,” the video finished.

In response, Great Speaker Texōccoatl denounced the Golden Blade as “a pack of murdering, cowardly animals” and vowed to defeat the group. He announced that Huenya’s military and law enforcement entities will be deployed to combat the terrorist group. He also announced a plan to mobilize Huenyan civilians into a Civil Guard to help combat the terror threat, with a particular focus on recruiting ethnic Xiomerans to show national unity. “Huenyans will never bow to the purveyors of terror. We will instead make them bow to us, and make them feel the fear they seek to instill in others, as we deliver righteous justice,” Texōccoatl said.

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