Milintica adopts new flag, title

The government of Milintica has adopted a new national flag and title for the country as part of a new initiative by President Matōchmizalo.

The nation will now be known as the “Modern Socialist Republic of Milintica”, abandoning the title of “Democratic Peoples’ Republic” which it had held since 1917. It will also adopt a new flag, which the government says depicts the nation’s goal of “moving proudly forward into a socialist future” while still retaining reverence for the history of the nation and its leading political party, the Milintican Peoples’ Party (MPP).

New flag of the MSR Milintica

“Modern Socialism will be the guiding set of principles of our nation moving forward. We shall combine the best elements of many schools of political and economic thought into one, protecting our workers and citizens’ rights while ensuring a more robust economy and prosperity for all,” the President said after the measures passed the Representative Assembly by a vote of 81 to 49.

The measures were strongly opposed by most of the opposition and even by a significant number of MPP representatives. “These changes are an insult to decades of MPP history, and to the sacrifices made by those before us to ensure a peoples’ republic in Milintica,” Neina Arana, Minister of Decolonization and Depatriarchalization, told DTNS after the vote. Arana is widely seen as the leader of the far-left wing of the MPP, and had strongly urged the MPP representatives in the Assembly to vote down the measures. “They are all part of this government’s clear intent to move us away from the guiding principles of the peaceful revolution which led to our great peoples’ republic, all to adopt a capitalist model under the guise of a fancy name and a crackpot scheme by our President.” Arana and her wing of the MPP have been heavily critical of moves made by the current administration over the past year, such as trade deals with Eiria and Huenya, and joint ventures between foreign companies and Milintican enterprises such as the Milintican National Automotive Cooperative.

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