Deputy PM Lucie Scott joins “Crop Killer” Embassy Protest

Lucie Scott, leader of the Green Party and deputy prime minister of Lauchenoiria, addressed a rally outside the Novella Islands embassy in Buttercity shortly after 5pm this evening. The Green leader told those at the gathering, the second organised by SafeGreenFuture on the matter of the “Crop Killer” chemical weapon, that the Lauchenoirian government had “serious concerns” over the development of the weapon.

“While I, and others in the government, understand the Novellans interest in scientific development, there is a point where one ought to ask oneself: should I, rather than simply could I? This is one of those things that should not have been invented. Once the genie is out of the bottle, it simply cannot be put back in. The potential for this to be used for devastating, irreversible destruction is just too high,” she told the crowd.

SafeGreenFuture, a Lauchenoirian environmentalist group that produces policy papers and hosts talks on climate and environmental issues, has organised two demonstrations since the announcement of the “Crop Killer”. The first took place on the 2nd April, followed by today’s ten days later. Both rallies took place outside the Novella Islands embassy in Buttercity. Protesters remained peaceful at both events.

A number of nations have condemned, or raised concerns, about the development of the weapon, including Greater Acadia, Sanctaria, and Milintica. Around the same time as Scott’s speech, the Lauchenoirian government issued a statement urging the Novellans to ensure that they honour international law and restrict the product. SafeGreenFuture have stated that they do not intend to organise any further demonstrations, however they will be producing a paper analysing the potential effects of the weapon if it is used, either in warfare or for other means.

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