Allman Increases Security at Huenyan Base

Sanctus – Homeland Security Secretary Nicola Allman today announced that security at the SDF Naval Base in Huenya would be “heightened” in light of the assassination of the country’s head of government, as well as insurrection attempts in half of the fledgling nation’s districts. Confirming also that SDF personnel would not be allowed off-base “for the foreseeable”, Allman reiterated that Sanctaria’s presence in the region was of “paramount importance” to the nation.

The SDF Naval Base located in Huenya has been operational for a number of years now, has approximately 4,000 personnel on-site, not counting ships in-dock and personnel on shore-leave, and is one of the only SDF bases located on the continent of Caxcana. It has been confirmed in Ministers Questions in the House of Deputies in the past that nuclear submarines occasionally dock at the base, but that it is not in the SDF’s routine operational process to confirm the whereabouts of any of its submarine fleet.

The increasingly instability in Huenya has called into question the long-term viability of the base there, with some reports saying the government should seek to move it to Eiria, with its government’s permission. Allman however, taking questions from journalists today, said that there was “no evidence of a direct threat to Sanctarian personnel, installations, or resources” and that restricting the movement of personnel off-base was a step that would “help to ensure” the security of the base and the safety of those who reside within.

The Hueyan Great Speaker, Texōccoatl, who survived what appears to be a simultaneous assassination attempt which took the life of the Vice Speaker, has today announced an interim-replacement for the slain Tiacihitli. Xiadani, the replacement, will take office temporarily until the mechanisms of government can confirm a more permanent replacement. President Katherine Saunders has sent her condolences on behalf of Sanctaria to the people of Huenya following the murder of Tiacihitli, with Chancellor Ringrose echoing her sentiments on social media.

BRIAN DeNOBLE, Defence & Security Editor

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