Xiadani named as interim Huenyan Vice-Speaker

Great Speaker Texōccoatl speaks to reporters from his hospital bed

In his first act since regaining consciousness after being poisoned, Great Speaker Texōccoatl of Huenya has named legislator Xiadani as his choice for interim Vice-Speaker of Huenya.

Speaking to the media from his hospital bed, the Great Speaker sharply criticized the “inaction” of the emergency government led by Chamber of Deputies President pro tem Tianquema and said that new leadership was urgently needed to steer Huenya through its current crisis.

The Great Speaker is expected to formally present his choice as interim Vice-Speaker to a joint session of the Federal Legislature via video call today. He is unable to attend in person as he is still recovering from the effects of the poison which nearly killed him. The vote to approve Xiadani is expected to be a formality, as she has the support of the Great Speaker and is also popular within both the Legislature and the public. Her appointment is seen as a signal by the Great Speaker that he intends to take a tough stance on the current separatist insurgency.

Who is Xiadani?

Xiadani, age 36, is a graduate of the former Imperial University of Acalan (now the Huenyan University at Acalan). She graduated with honors, earning a degree in criminal justice. Before entering politics, she worked as an advocate with several non-profit organizations seeking to reform the Xiomeran criminal justice system. Like the previous Vice-Speaker, Tiacihitli, she also was arrested several times by Xiomeran authorities for her work. She is the Deputy from the district of Topexpec in the Necatli region of Huenya. In her personal life, she is married to her wife, Tecamali, and has no children. Xiadani was previously profiled in this article.

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