Eïkangärd Orders Troops Into DMZ

Eastern Border Region, Eïkangärd – Six Divisions have begun advancing into the DMZ region of Eïkangärd, following direct orders to high command. These orders entail the former reclamation of sovereign Eïkan territory, up to the border with Tsimdaupohwetosonghnee, or the Brother Nations. Further, any aggressive actions by the Military of the Brother Nations will be treated as an act of war, including sending any troops in to counter Eïkan movements in the region.

IN addition to the nine divisions which were already at the border prior to this move, the 12th, 19th, and 44th divisions will reinforce Eiïkan forces in the area. Of particular importance is the regional capital of Sverdlind, the liberation of which will be tasked to the 12th, 22nd, and 24th divisions. Military commanders appear hopeful of future operations, and have reported that the sight of Eïkan troops was seen in a positive light in the towns they have passed through.

“Our longtime dream of reunifying our country and people is coming to fruition.” Said Brigadier Jens Jenson. “This land was once part of our great nation. That we are moving in to reclaim it and join its people to the whole of Eïkangärd fills me and my soldiers with pride. We’re correcting the mistake made over forty years ago.”

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