Eirian Chancellor Stendē visits Haesan

Tensions remain high as Kim, Stendē meet in Hwagang

Today, Eirian Chancellor Leah Stendē visited the Dalseongjeon in Hwagang in a move intended to make amends with the Haesanites due to the recent strain on the two nations’ relationship. The two leaders discussed trade, cultural initiatives, and Xiomera in their public press conference, but mentions of the conflict in Auria, seen to be the catalyst for the lack of trust between the two sides, was scarcely mentioned and questions on the matter were shut down.

Indications show that the Haesanite government still feels slighted by the Eiran government after the Eirians stopped a Lauchenoirian troop convoy headed to Juraceda mere hours after Haesan announced they were supporting the Lauchenoirian effort. Based on the reactions of those at the meetings or in parallel meetings of their own, there is little to indicate that the current distrust will change. On Haesanite aide told the Times-Courier, “It was like talking to a wall. There was absolutely no understanding of where we are coming from.” An Eirian gave similar comments: “The Haesanites are acting as if we have never met them before. Today was totally bizarre.”

Stendē was received for a state dinner, which is standard protocol. Business leaders from both nations were in attendance, but the atmosphere was tense and wary. While these sorts of affairs are usually lively, especially when the Eirians are involved, there was no song or dance of any sort. One Haesanite attendee remarked, “This was an event so sterile and choreographed you would have thought we were hosting the Xiomerans.”

Stendē will visit Suyang tomorrow, to meet with investors and CEOs in various industries, including one of the recipients of Haesan TechUp loans. She will return to Eiria on Thursday.

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