Huenya requests return of wanted exiles

The government of Huenya has formally requested that Serriel extradite dozens of individuals wanted for crimes committed during the Second Xiomeran Civil War. The Special Investigative and Prosecutorial Service (SIPS), the law enforcement arm of Huenya’s truth and reconciliation commission, delivered warrants

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Xiomera warns against UCS expansion

The Xiomeran government issued a warning to the government of Manabí Rive against pursuing membership in the Union of Caxcanan States (UCS), stating that such a move would “irreparably damage” the relationship


Proposal Permitting Nuclear Attacks Condemned by Greer

World Assembly HQ – Sanctarian Ambassador to the World Assembly, Dr. Bethany Greer, today condemned the current resolution-at-vote in the General Assembly which, if passed, would allow World Assembly nations to launch nuclear attacks on fellow member states for, she claims, “actions that are not proportionate to their usage”. The Nuclear Aggression Act proposes to allow a nuclear response to, not only other nuclear attacks, but also to “convention warhead[s] or a military invasion”. The proposal written by the delegation from Jedinsto, comes after the General Assembly repealed a number of resolutions on duties of WA member states when it

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Xiomera seizes Manabí fishing boats

The Xiomeran coast guard has seized three fishing boats from Manabí Rive and detained their crews, claiming that the ships violated Xiomeran waters. “The three

SCP Will Cut Government Spending

Haven – Sanctarian Conservative Party Treasury Spokesperson Noreen Islington on the campaign trail today committed to reduce government expenditure if the SCP seized government

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