Arana announces bid for Presidency

The Premier of the resurgent Milinitican Communist Party, Neina Arana, has formally announced that she will be running for the office of President in the 2024 Milintican elections. “The current so-called President and the counter-revolutionary elements that have taken over the Peoples’

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Greer to Exit Role on October 31

World Assembly HQ – Sanctarian Ambassador to the World Assembly, Dr. Bethany Greer, is to end her term as the nation’s representative in the international legislative body at the end of this month, her office confirmed today. Dr. Greer has served as the nation’s top diplomat in the body since January 2022, and also served over 2.5 years as the nation’s Deputy Ambassador there too prior to that appointment. The reasons for Dr. Greer’s departure are not yet immediately clear. Sources in the Sanctarian Department for Foreign Affairs have indicated she was offered the nation’s nomination for Secretary-General of the

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Xiomera issues support to Eïkangärd

In his weekly address to the nation yesterday, the Prime Minister confirmed that Xiomeran forces had participated in a recent exercise conducted by Eïkangärd on

Xiomera responds to Haesan acts

Xiomeran Imperial News In response to a blatant attempt by the governors of four Haesanite provinces to steal skilled Xiomeran workers and encourage them

Manufacturing subsidies pass with broad support

Hwang’s policy initiative popular despite Xiomera sanctions as Haesanite economy rebounds By Economics Correspondent Jeong Yu-na HWAGANG/SUYANG: Prime Minister Sabrina Hwang’s initiative to provide

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